9 Third Party Integrations KuCoin Users Can Benefit From

9 integrations on KuCoin

The cryptocurrency exchange market is becoming a crowded place with new exchanges appearing all the time. As the market grows, each exchange aims to offer the best services to bring in more users and gain a competitive edge.

As the People’s Exchange, KuCoin aims to provide user-friendly, easy to use functionality to its platform. To stay ahead of the competition and continually strengthen its offerings, KuCoin looks to integrate with other platforms and bring their capabilities to the exchange by building synergistic relationships.

These integrations make it easier and more convenient to trade while also providing more data for users to make the best trade decisions. There are several key examples that show how these integrations have improved the platform.

Become a Bounty Hunter with Bounty0X

Bounty0X is now integrated with KuCoinYou can try the platform right now as there is a live bounty for PAL Network on Bounty0x platform live.

The integration of Bounty0X brings with it a very novel service. It is a bounty service where the ‘bounty hunters’ can pick and choose different tasks set by ‘bounty hosts’ and, upon completion, receive cryptocurrency as a reward. These tasks can include anything from writing blog posts to developing software. Finally, ‘bounty sheriffs’ are responsible for ensuring the hunters have completed tasks and satisfied the requirements of the hosts.

For any user that is looking to earn some crypto with their skills, or are in need of talent, this platform makes for the ideal for all in the crypto space. It provides a dedicated ecosystem that helps to connect cryptocurrency experts and professionals connect.

Bounty0X offer a more modern take on traditional freelancing platforms, being developed for the tokenized economy. For KuCoin users, it offers the opportunity to take part in the ecosystem, whether as a hunter, host, or sheriff.  

Utilize Grid Trading Bots with BitUniverse

BitUniverse is now integrated with KuCoinBitUniverse has recently brought their Grid Trading Bot to KuCoin. Grid trading is an incredibly useful tool for traders looking to reduce risk while also maximizing profits. The trading bot provided by BitUniverse allows for hedging, or placing simultaneous buy and sell orders at certain levels. Using KuCoin’s new advanced API capabilities, users are able to fully leverage this bot and try out grid trading.

Looking to accommodate different kinds of trading on the exchange, the integration with BitUniverse trading bot will allow KuCoin users to capitalize on swinging markets where prices are fluctuating. This complements the variety of offerings already available on the exchange and enables more effective trading in different market conditions.

This integration adds yet another useful tool to the repertoire on KuCoin. If used in the right situations, it has the potential to greatly improve the trading experience and potential profits.




Bridging Together Traditional Finance with the New Crypto-Economy with Blockport

Blockport is not integrated with KuCoinBlockport is an Amsterdam-based, fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading platform that strongly focuses on usability and social trading features to provide a secure, efficient and enjoyable experience to its users. The Blockport platform is connected to external exchanges, including KuCoin, and aggregates liquidity through its smart-order-routing system to automatically offer the best prices to its users.

Through the integration between the two platforms, Blockport is able to bring its own token, BPT, onto KuCoin. In addition, the integration allows it to include KuCoin on its platform to help bring its users the best prices through its liquidity aggregation features.

The brokering services they offer bring a lot to the table for KuCoin users. Allowing the purchase of BPT using euros makes the ability to enter the market much easier. Trading between a variety of different cryptocurrencies is also made simpler, with the best prices being clearly telegraphed so that users can always get the best deal.

Latest Updates from Blockport

Blockport is launching its first equity-based fundraising round through a Security Token Offering (STO), launching on the 31st of March 2019.


Automate Trades Using Trading Bots with HaasOnline Software HaasBots

HaasOnline is now integrated with KuCoinBringing their signature crypto trading bots to KuCoin, the HaasOnline Trade Server makes creating and implementing trade strategies using a combination of safeties, technical indicators, and insurances as easy as possible. It is a safer and low-risk way to automate trades on the Exchange.

Leverage these trade bots to automate popular trade strategies from arbitraging to scalping and everything in-between. See how strategies perform before going live by backtesting with historical data or simulate with live market data. The HaasOnline Trade Server enables users to monitor remote wallets, watch multiple markets, perform technical analysis, automate trades, and much more.

KuCoin’s wide selection of cryptocurrencies makes it the ideal environment to make use of such a robust feature set. The implementation of the crypto trading bots can be as simple or complex as required, making it accessible to all, while remaining a powerful asset in any serious trader’s Arsenal.

Ultimately, this tool allows for truly data-driven decision making and helps avoid influence from emotion-based trading. Even as users sleep, the trading bots monitor market movements to increase efficiency and make trading on the exchange more rewarding.

Latest Updates from HaasOnline

Following its successful release of the KuCoin upgrade, HaasOnline has fully Integrated with KuCoin 2.0 API. This ensures that everything will run as effectively as possible while utilizing the new functionality. The trading bot platform has also added KuCoin as a `Certified Exchange` on the platform.

As a way to help customers get the full experience out of the platform, they have overhauled their platform documentation and developer API. These offer a more thorough outline of what the platform is capable of, as well as highlighting the details that make their automated crypto trading bots amongst the best in the market.

Recently, new public community sections were released on the HaasOnline website for community-driven projects and questions & answers.  This allows registered users to ask public questions and get an official answer from the team, while also allowing the greater community to have a voice as well.  The community projects section is a place where developers and creators can submit their HTS related projects to be showcased to the world.


Comparing and Trading with CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is now integrated with KuCoinIt can be a long and challenging process checking and comparing prices between exchanges to find the best deal. KuCoin saw the opportunity to improve this process by integrating with CoinSwitch. As an exchange aggregator, the service allows users to compare prices and trade without the need to create accounts for each of them.

The added security provided by CoinSwitch is also a valuable addition. It allows users to use their own wallets rather than maintaining custodial wallets with each individual exchange. This means that each user has more control over their cryptocurrency and can store it as they see fit.

Confident in its low trading fees, KuCoin believes this will help the exchange grow larger at a much faster pace, benefiting all users of the platform. Likewise, users will be able to get the best deal when they buy, sell, or trade. Using CoinSwitch, following KuCoin’s mantra, is kept simple and easy.

Latest Updates from Coinswitch

Fixed rate API: CoinSwitch Fixed Rate APIs enables users to swap coins at a fixed rate which is locked in for 20 minutes. In this swap, the user is guaranteed the exact exchange amount irrespective of market volatility. Major wallet company Exodus uses this fixed rate API.

Express API: CoinSwitch Express API enables instant swap within 0-1 confirmation. Since the swap is instant, the rates are fixed by default, hence protecting against price volatility. This API implementation is ideal for merchants that want to accept crypto payments and other payment gateway companies that offer payment solutions to businesses. Major crypto payment solution Coinify uses this express API.


Buy Crypto Using Your Credit Card with Simplex

Simplex is now integrated with KuCoinThanks to the partnership between KuCoin and Simplex, the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies using a credit or debit card is now available for all KuCoin users. This is a significant milestone as it opens up the ability to buy crypto using fiat currency on the platform. In doing so, it greatly simplifies the process and removes one of the biggest barriers to enter the market.

At the moment, users from over 100 countries are able to use the service to purchase four different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, and LTC) using either USD or EUR. These are some of the most popular coins available and can be used to trade for other cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

Transaction fees for the service changes depending on the amount that is being purchased. For transactions under $200 USD, a $10 USD fee will be charged. For any amount above $200 USD, a 5% fee on the transaction amount will be charged. A daily withdrawal limit of $20,000 is imposed for users, along with a monthly limit of $50,000.


Making Trading Smart, Simple, and Safe with Coinigy

Coinigy is now integrated with KuCoinAnother important integration that simplifies the trading process for users of the exchange is Coinigy. Through this integration, users are able to see data and have their accounts monitored so that they can stay ahead of any changes.

Actionable insights can help KuCoin users make informed choices with their cryptocurrencies. A knowledge base is also available to provide step-by-step instructions and tutorials on trading. Together with 24/7 support, these features bring Coinigy in line with KuCoin, helping to maintain their ‘People’s Exchange’ status.

For users that wish to track the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market and keep up to date with any changes that occur, Coinigy is a good choice. With actionable insights and access to a variety of technical indicators, users can greatly benefit from the integration.

Latest Updates from Coinigy

Coinigy's ‘V2' platform beta went into open beta and is now available for all users. V2 is a full, top-down rework of essentially all Coinigy services on both the frontend and backend. This includes reworked integrations for all exchanges that are supported, a complete redesign of the site with added UI customization tools, and more.

Going hand in hand with V2 going into open beta is the launch of Boards. Boards is a brand new tool developed by Coinigy that allows their users to create custom overviews of the cryptocurrency markets. This can range from a page for a single coin for different markets and exchanges all the way up to broad overviews of the entire cryptocurrency market space.  Users can also share their boards with one another and import them to further customize a board to their liking.


Increasing Management Capabilities with Blox

Blox is now integrated with KuCoinBlox offers to users an asset management and tracking platform for crypto accounting and bookkeeping. Through API integration, KuCoin is able to automatically sync with Blox, allowing users to have full control over the tracking and managing of their digital assets.

The easy-to-use interface provides clean visualizations for a new view into their crypto for monitoring the value and balance of asset portfolios. The platform also includes a comprehensive transaction history along with advanced classification tools for labeling transactions. Additionally, business users are provided with exclusive access to an export CSV feature to integrate with general ledger software.

The Blox platform greatly compliments the KuCoin experience by providing further details for users looking to go in-depth with their research and improve their tracking capabilities. For professionals and businesses with a diverse portfolio, Blox is capable of synchronizing assets across a variety of blockchains, exchanges and wallets.

Essentially, Blox is leading the charge in using automation and advanced technology towards building intelligent solutions for real-world crypto and blockchain challenges


Create and Manage Crypto Index Funds with Shrimpy

Shrimpy is now integrated with KuCoinShrimpy is used by cryptocurrency traders who are looking to automate their cryptocurrency portfolio strategy. With Shrimpy, traders can create a crypto index and an automated trading strategy within a matter of minutes.

Shrimpy’s unique rebalancing features automate trades for users based on their configured portfolio and trade settings, instead of the user manually executing trades on the exchange. Users can also keep track of their entire cryptocurrency portfolio, including several exchange accounts and cold wallets, from a single unified dashboard.

Shrimpy features a social program where traders can discuss and share portfolio strategies with one another. In addition, Shrimpy’s backtesting features allow users to compare and analyze various portfolios based on comprehensive historical data. For KuCoin users, Shrimpy offers a simple yet effective solution for automating crypto trading strategies.

Latest Updates from Shrimpy

The Shrimpy team has recently released the universal crypto exchange APIs for developers. These APIs take away the painstaking process of integrating each exchange. With a single set of APIs, anyone can now connect to every major exchange.

While trading libraries provide a degree of convenience, developers are still required to implement complex trading logic, data collection, and error handling. Shrimpy understands how much work it is to execute effective strategies. They soften the burden placed on developers by providing options for limit orders, smart order routing, automated trade execution, and portfolio allocation. These options come with Shrimpy APIs right out of the box.

Shrimpy’s Universal Crypto Trading API provides a solution for developers to manage all their users, essentially acting as a complete user management solution. Instead of bogging down your servers with user requests, each user can directly communicate with Shrimpy to access their accounts, execute trades, and collect data. This frees up development resources and allows your team to focus on your core product offerings.

Beyond the back-end system architecture necessary for low latency trading applications, developers who try to integrate exchanges manually are also faced with maintaining each exchange through sporadic updates. As the number of exchanges increases, so does the difficulty with maintaining these exchanges. Using the Shrimpy APIs doesn’t require any maintenance. The Shrimpy team handles exchange integration and any updates that require immediate attention.

Shrimpy’s Universal Crypto Exchange API was created to address critical developer challenges in the crypto space:

  •         Low-Latency Order Execution & Automated Trading
  •         User Authorization and Management
  •         Business & Product Scaling
  •         Real-time Data & Analytics

Creating the Best Experience

KuCoin has implemented and benefited from many different integrations with their platform. Each integration has the purpose of making the exchange more feature-packed and attractive to new users and seasoned veterans alike. Otherwise, the added security, convenience, and ease-of-use these integrations offer make them the perfect addition to the KuCoin experience.

In the future, there will likely be many more integrations to come, building upon ‘the People’s Exchange’ to continue making it the best exchange in the market.


Risk Warning: The cryptocurrency market is available worldwide 24/7 for trading with no market opening or closing times. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. KuCoin screens all tokens before they come to the market; however, even with the best due diligence, there are still risks when investing. KuCoin is not liable for user’s investment gains or losses. The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice.

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