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Every week, we publish interesting and relevant insights into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries for KuCoin users. Our focus is on producing well-researched topics that will help users to educate themselves and build an understanding of the crypto market, as well as learn more about the latest news

Read about everything from trading fundamentals, to in-depth research into projects listed on KuCoin. Our team of writers is able to draw from detailed analyses and work with experienced team members, helping in the development of these cryptocurrency-related posts.


We have a team specializing in thoroughly investigating each new project and the technology that emerges in the ecosystem, as well as learning how it works and determining its quality.


Once the quality content is filtered, our team of content creators takes care of interpreting graphics, codes, and other raw data to convert it into information.


Finally, the content and design team mergeto communicate this information in the most understandable way for our users.