KuCoin Business Development News Update

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin is very excited to share this announcement that highlights the explosive growth over the last 2 quarters of business. The path of development, what has been done for the users on the People’s Exchange, and the new global layout that has been put into place, as well as a sneak peak into the plans for the future.

Path of Development

In August 2017 KuCoin opened a cryptocurrency exchange with ambitious growth goals. All goals have been surpassed beyond anything imaginable and the  4,000,000+ users are the ones who have made this happen. KuCoin now proudly has 133 tokens listed, with 334 trading pairs in just 6 short months.

Our team has also gone through a lot of growth, from a humble beginning at our first office…

All great things have humble beginnings
Our original team back in August 2017
Our Team At Our Singapore Headquarters
Our Philippines partner office

Our Users, Our Main Priority

KuCoin would not be what it is without the enduring support of the people that trade. The success of the exchange so far is powered by the people and KuCoin is committed to continue listening to the users. KuCoin remains a neutral servant to the people. KuCoin has never participated in any activity that would bring fake volume to the People’s Exchange.


Global Layout, International Growth

Headquarters has been established in Singapore and applications have been submitted for satellite offices in England, Lithuania, Dubai, Malta, Japan, and S. Korea.


Future Plans

Going forward new locations may be considered for additional offices. If you have a suggestion please contact support. Our goal is to give the users an exchange that works for them.

The support center is receiving an overhaul and is being streamlined. User’s expressed concerns over the amount of time it takes to get a response, and KuCoin has made it a top priority in the 3rd fiscal quarter to address this and the newest goal is to provide the best support in the world to our users.


Thanks for your support!

KuCoin Team