Ponzi Schemes In Crypto: What Happened With BitConnect & OneCoin?

The investment landscape is full of opportunities; some will pay out and some won’t. While there are plenty of legitimate projects, whenever there is money to be made there will be people looking to cash in on at the other people’s expense. This is especially true in new and emerging industries, and the cryptosphere is … Continue reading “Ponzi Schemes In Crypto: What Happened With BitConnect & OneCoin?”


What Is The Goal Of Facebook’s Libra Coin?

Facebook, the social media goliath that has been in hot water recently over their privacy and data sharing practices, is planning on unveiling their own cryptocurrency, Libra, in the next few months. However, this announcement has been met with criticism, suspicion and all manner of speculation from the crypto industry. Before we take a closer … Continue reading “What Is The Goal Of Facebook’s Libra Coin?”


Energy Consumption In Crypto Mining

Exactly how sustainable is Bitcoin? What about the other proof of work cryptocurrencies? They have revolutionized the way we think about money and the financial institutions that control it: a truly trustless economy is possible, with no third party required for people to make monetary transactions. Recently Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume surpassed $20 billion, all … Continue reading “Energy Consumption In Crypto Mining”


Lightning Network: The Off-Chain Solution To Bitcoin Scalability

The advent of Bitcoin in 2008 introduced blockchain technology, and the idea of cryptocurrencies, to the world. A currency that owes no allegiance to any government or financial institution intrigued many, and the idea of a completely decentralized means of transferring money was new and exciting. Bitcoin started the crypto revolution. The Advantages Of Bitcoin … Continue reading “Lightning Network: The Off-Chain Solution To Bitcoin Scalability”


What Is Bitcoin Halving: Procedure And Predictions

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, a shadowy figure who remains anonymous, created the code that would become Bitcoin and sparked the crypto revolution. The decentralized ledger and blockchain tech that is at the heart of Bitcoin was unlike anything that came before it. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin took the banks’ role as intermediary in financial … Continue reading “What Is Bitcoin Halving: Procedure And Predictions”


What Would Happen If Crypto ETF Proposals Are Approved?

One of the more hotly debated topics in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech is the growing push towards breaking into traditional markets. In what form will crypto be traded and using what mechanisms? Another question is that of regulation and control; specifically what role the SEC will play in the future of crypto … Continue reading “What Would Happen If Crypto ETF Proposals Are Approved?”


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