What is Altseason? A Look Into Bitcoin Dominance

There are all kinds of different strategies for trading and just as many different analytical tools to support these strategies. However, at the heart of all of these different approaches lies psychology. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the one thing in common across every exchange and market around the world is us: humans. … Continue reading “What is Altseason? A Look Into Bitcoin Dominance”


Are Decentralized Exchanges The Future For Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies continue to expand in their use cases and popularity around the world despite push back by some regulators and skepticism from traditional economists. Cryptocurrencies have created an environment free from the centralized control of government limitation and financial insiders’ agendas. While these tokens have some very exciting traits there are still some factors holding … Continue reading “Are Decentralized Exchanges The Future For Crypto?”


How To Identify Bull Traps & Bear Traps

All specialized industries make use of technical terminology specific to their activities. The world of investment and finance is no exception and has a language all its own. Bullish, bearish, candlesticks, Ichimoku clouds, futures and options: it is enough to leave a newcomer’s head swimming. Luckily for us, most of these terms represent concepts that … Continue reading “How To Identify Bull Traps & Bear Traps”


Top 10 Books On Crypto Trading: Part 2

In our second installment on useful books for crypto trading, we examine five more worthwhile texts. Topics range from interviews with leading professionals in the industry to applying the Golden Ratio to trading stocks. Though each of the different tactics and ideas discussed may not work for everyone, they still all contain important tips and … Continue reading “Top 10 Books On Crypto Trading: Part 2”


How Does Derivative Trading Work On KuMEX?

Derivatives, margins, leverage, hedging. These are terms that if you are not familiar with trading and associated markets, you may have heard but likely don’t understand. That’s ok. In this brief explanation, we will examine these different terms, what they mean, and how they relate to KuMEX, a cryptocurrency contracts trading platform. This is the … Continue reading “How Does Derivative Trading Work On KuMEX?”


Passive Income From Crypto: What Is Staking And Why It’s Awesome

Passive income, staking and the hope to moon. How staking crypto could help you get past the bear. Smart investors are always looking for ways to mitigate the risks of their investments, and crypto is a high-risk market that seems to take a tumble every other week. After the violent price swings of the last … Continue reading “Passive Income From Crypto: What Is Staking And Why It’s Awesome”


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